Chris vella has been an artist for more than 30 years. After completing her art studies at Wollongong West Art College and Wollongong University Chris has been on a neverending journey passionately exploring and experimenting art and the different paths to enter.

   It was obvious which direction I had to take as there is a very strong pull and natural ability for me to paint/sculpt in an abstract/expressionist style. It is difficult for me to discuss my work as it does seem to come from my soul, echoeing surrounds and thoughts of any particular moment or place in time. It tends to display a meditative quality in the work, bringing a unity to the imagery and moods which create a powerful yet wistful depth of emotion.

   Chris Vella has had many exhibitions over the years: Wollongong, Balmain Sydney, Pyrmont Sydney Newtown Sydney, Nowra, Bowral, Melbourne cafes, Canberra Gallery. Also  many group exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland.

    Chris has set up her own Studio/Gallery in Queensland. If you are interested in a private viewing contact  or


    For twenty five years, while jazz lovers thought they were watching the band at Unity Hall Hotel, Balmain on Friday evenings, Roger Janes was in fact watching the audience, filing away types and mannerisms from behind his trombone.
   Roger's talents developed in two complementary directions, he studied under some of the leaders in there fields at that tme, John Brack-painting, Ian Armstrong-drawing, Murray Walker-printmaking (guided his early work).
   After touring Europe with the Graem Bell All Stars, Roger stayed on to study etching at the Richnond School, Surrey. His period was followed by much travel around  Europe where he was able to visit the museums and Art Galleries while supporting himself by his jazz playing. This was an extremely important time in his development as it was in this period that he became strongly influenced by the German Expressionist school led by Emile Nolde, George Grosz and Otto Dix. The Flemish Primitives of Belgium and James Ensor also made their mark on the direction of his interests and style.
   After his return to Australia in the  seventies, Roger held many exhibitions of his work in a wide variety of media. Roger produced etchings and various other print techniques as well as oils, pastels, charcoal, pen and ink, watercolour and often combinations of these. He also did extensive work in photography. besides formal works, Roger also produced calendars and sets of photographed cards of his work.
   Many of his subjects, often taken to the edge of charicature, were drawn from the wonderfully rich sub-culture of the streets and pubs of his world. Roger's work demonstrated his vital line and drawing technique, his sense of colour and his need to depict the lives around him. They delineate a running social commentary in his passionate and compassionate works. Roger's art shows he was true to his vision and to himself.
   In early March 2001, following a car accident and a long period in hospital, Roger Janes' life support system was turned off.  Australia lost one of its most truthful  and powerful artists.
   If you are intersted in a private viewing contact  If you would like to tune into Roger Janes's music OR
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