An exhibition by Chris Vella & Hetty van Boven

"A colour wheel is a circular diagram in which the 12 primary, secondary and intermediate colours are arranged sequentially so that related colours are next to each other and complementary colours are opposite"

What if those colours are on the wall and the viewer could step into this colour circle? This was the premise of painter Chris Vella and Textile Artist Hetty van Boven. Each of the 12 colour segments comprises two art works. Chris Vella's expressionist canvas and Hetty van Boven's Art Quilts use the same colours and are 40"x40", but there the similarity ends.

Chris explores the emotional meaning of colour while Hetty got to play with spiral forms. This exhibition is about relationships. The individual works in each pair relate to each other and each pair relates to it's neighbouring pair. Each artwork, each pair, all have their specific position in this collective, playing their part in presenting that colour wheel. The relationships are also about the artists.

Coming from very diverse backgrounds, Chris and Hetty took this journey together and found it became an opportunity for much personal and artistic growth.

The exhibition was successful "A positive experience"  

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