Joseph El  is a musician of fine repute, guitarist, lap slide guitarist,  harmonica player, vocalist and cigar box guitar craftsman.  A man of many talents.   All Cigar Box Guitars are hand made using quality products,  each has its own individual sound, depending on the wood used to make the box ( usually cedar  or maple) the necks are all Queensland Maple. I use various pickups including the Ted Crocker  Downunder. If you wish to join other owners of my guitars or just have a question feel free to contact me by email at -- -- or leave a comment in the comment section of this site.     I always have several cbg guitars in stock. I also - as you will see below,- have a selection of tongue drums, a very easy to play wood instrument for any member of the family.  ---  CBG  prices vary depending on the finished product - prices range from $90  through to $425, most guitars sell for around $175.  ---  tongue drum prices vary from $45 to $95.  --  these prices do not include postage costs.  ( to hear and see some of my instruments look for  joseph crowell on FB  ,you tube. and google. -- email  -   ----  feel free to leave a comment, always good to get feedback.    - Check out the photos below, hope you enjoy.